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Got jobs?

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For all the hand-wringing since March 1 about the sequester and the Obama administration threatening to furlough thousands of federal employees and contractors, thus marking the end of civilization as we know it, you would be happy to know the federal government is still hiring people.  Lots of people.  I visited today to see what was available in the Washington, D.C. area.  As of Friday, within a 20 mile radius of Washington, there are 877 jobs available within the federal government.  And for the Washington Metro area -- 5,000 job listings.  Plus, the salaries aren't too shabby either.  The highest I found was $385,000 for physicians at the Department of Defense.  Now, I want my doctor to be happy so I bear no ill toward these folks making a good living, especially at the Department of Defense.  Other positions have good rates too like a financial analyst, which could obtain salary of $222,387 a year.  Or for the Director at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Whistle Blower’s Office, that salary tops off at $218,134. What’s the message here? There is no need for hysterics because the world will not end if spending is cut in Washington, D.C.

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