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The WasteWatcher

The WasteWatcher

Congress Must Restore Spectrum Auction Authority

A year has passed since the FCC lost its spectrum auction authority.  It is time for Congress to renew this authority.

Deborah Collier March 8, 2024
The WasteWatcher

Connecting Americans to Broadband Should Not Be Impeded

With $42.45 billion on the line to connect unserved communities, NTIA should not force states like Virginia to rate regulate.

Deborah Collier February 26, 2024
The WasteWatcher

New GAO Report Warns of Worsening Federal Debt

If Congress fails to act, Americans may face rampant inflation or a sovereign debt crisis.

Alec Mena February 26, 2024
The WasteWatcher

CBO Projects Record High Deficits and Debt

The CBO projects that the federal budget deficit is already at $1.6 trillion and will grow by $20 trillion over the next decade.

Eric Maus February 20, 2024
The WasteWatcher

House Passes Bill to Extend Parts of TCJA

The tax package extends and reforms several provisions that would increase business investment and economic growth. 

Eric Maus February 16, 2024
The WasteWatcher

Federal Agencies Need to Improve IT Modernization Efforts

Federal agencies are still struggling with software asset management and cloud adoption, potentially wasting taxpayer dollars.

Deborah Collier February 12, 2024
The WasteWatcher

A Monumental Giveaway

Virginia and D.C. compete to waste the most money on a taxpayer-subsidized arena. 

Alec Mena February 6, 2024
The WasteWatcher

Reflecting on Privacy Laws During Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week is an opportunity to review can be done to protect data and learn what privacy laws are being proposed.

Deborah Collier January 25, 2024
The WasteWatcher

IRS Errs in Moving its Own Tax Preparation System Forward

The Direct File program is another step in the IRS expanding its authority.

Eric Maus January 24, 2024
The WasteWatcher

FDA Hurts Patients By Authorizing Florida’s Drug Importation Program

On January 5, 2024, the U.S. FDA authorized Florida's drug importation program. 

Christina Smith January 12, 2024
The WasteWatcher

The House Passes CARS Act to Protect Consumer Choice

The House passed bill will protect consumer automobile choice and halt EPA emissions mandate.

Christina Smith December 29, 2023
The WasteWatcher

The IRS Moves Ahead With Confusing and Burdensome 1099-K Form

Restoring the previous 1099-K threshold would save taxpayers from unnecessary paperwork and greater confusion.

Eric Maus December 21, 2023


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