Trick: The Socialism Apocalypse Is Upon Us | Citizens Against Government Waste

Trick: The Socialism Apocalypse Is Upon Us

The WasteWatcher

Socialist policies are rising from the dead and taking over like an infectious disease.  Behind almost every terrifying corner, Democrats are peddling toxic programs that would give government control over almost everything.  In 2016, an estimated 173 million Americans received health coverage through the workplace, either as an employee, retiree, or dependent.  The great majority highly value their coverage that would be eliminated under Medicare for All.  The Green New Deal, which aims to overhaul nearly every sector of the economy, could cost a petrifying $93 trillion.  Don’t forget the spooky “free” ideas, like “free” public college that would cost $47 billion annually, forgiveness of student loans that would cost $2.2 trillion over 10 years, and “free” childcare that would cost $70 billion per year.  Everyone should run far, far away from the Socialist Grim Reaper.

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