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Three-day Workweek

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After much fanfare surrounding its introduction in January, the Congressional five-day workweek has been quietly retired for the rest of the legislative year.  The House will have Fridays off in October so representatives can spend more time in their districts – the week already begins late Monday afternoons – yet while the year is winding down, the workload is gearing up.  None of the 12 appropriations bills, which were due before the start of the fiscal year on October 1, have been completed as of publication.  The President has vowed to veto most of them for going over budget; so far the bills exceed the President’s request by $22 billion.

A continuing resolution (CR) is in effect until November 15 to keep the government running.  In 2007, a year-long CR kept most agencies at fiscal 2006 funding levels and staved off thousands of earmarks in the unfinished appropriations bills.  It does not look like taxpayers will be that lucky again this year as a pork-laden omnibus appropriations package is expected instead of Congress taking the time to make the tough decisions, pass individual bills, and cut wasteful spending instead of busting the budget.

  -- Alexa Moutevelis

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