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GOP Budget: We Balance, They Don’t

Welcome to “Extreme Sports: Capitol Hill Edition.”

William Christian March 15, 2013
The WasteWatcher

Medicare Costs per Beneficiary are Skyrocketing

Although one of the main drivers of Medicare’s unsustainable cost structure is that as the baby boomer generation retires, more people will be enlisting and using its services, this is not the only driver.

CAGW Staff March 11, 2013
The WasteWatcher

Provocative Social Security Reforms

America has a significant, current and growing problem with both the absolute amount of entitlement spending, as well as the portion of total Federal governmental spending represented by this spending category.

CAGW Staff March 11, 2013
The WasteWatcher

Snow-quester: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to (Work?)

In 2010, Washingtonians lived through Snowmageddon.  Some referred to it as the Snowpocalypse.

William Christian March 6, 2013
The WasteWatcher

The Case Against Keystone XL Gets Weaker

Late Friday afternoon, right around when most people likely tuned out and stopped reading the news, the State Department released a report stating that the Keystone XL Pipeline would have little impact on climate change.

CAGW Staff March 5, 2013
The WasteWatcher

It’s Getting Scary Out There…

We just received a copy of Organizing for Action’s email to their supporters. This group is the president’s restructured re-election operation, still carrying on his never-ending campaign. 

Leslie Paige February 27, 2013
The WasteWatcher

National Debt Estimates Vary By Tens of Trillions

Trying to figure out the exact size of the national debt is a more complicated question than one may think.

CAGW Staff February 25, 2013
The WasteWatcher

Rep. Pelosi’s Comment Misses the Mark on the U.S. Budget Problem

This weekend, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) spoke with Chris Matthews on "Fox News Sunday."  During the interview, Pelosi delivered a quote that may be the early front runner for most absurd quote of 2013: “It is almost a false...

CAGW Staff February 11, 2013


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