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Statement by CAGW President Tom Schatz on the Beginning of the 115th Congress

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CAGW President Tom Schatz released the following statement on the start of the 115th Congress:

Taxpayers have good reason to be optimistic for the New Year. For the first time, the nation will have a president and cabinet with substantial experience managing large, complex organizations; and there’s nothing bigger and more complicated than the federal government. America will be a greater nation, and taxpayers will be grateful, if the new administration immediately commences a successful and relentless effort to eliminate government waste, fraud, abuse, and particularly mismanagement. Members of Congress must go along with these reforms, many of which have been resisted on both sides of the aisle for far too long. They need to be bold and courageous rather than timid and weak. In particular, the 115th Congress must reject misguided attempts to restore wasteful and corruptive pork-barrel earmarks. It is time to get Washington out of the way by reducing taxes, cutting red tape, and lowering the deficit and debt, which will free up resources for the private sector to create jobs and help secure a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren."

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