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This is Not What I Meant by Revamp

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In April 2017, CAGW published an article I wrote regarding FedRAMP, and efforts to modernize and streamline the process.  Part the effort was the proposed implementation of a FedRAMP Tailored process for low-impact systems.

While this move seemed to provide a much-needed reform to the FedRAMP process, it appears that the General Services Administration (GSA) has its priorities out of sync with necessary improvements that will reduce costs, and has instead focused on rebranding the FedRAMP office and its website as part of its fifth anniversary celebration.  This is not what I meant by revamping the process.

My March 2017 WasteWatcher article focused on modernizing federal information technology systems.  The article focused on a particular office within GSA, known as 18F.  This office has been rife with wasteful spending, including a cumulative net loss of $31.66 million through the third quarter of fiscal year 2016.   During this period of time, 18F used 727 staffing hours (valued at approximately $140,104) to rebrand its own logo.  A recent check on 18F’s website shows that their logo has undergone another redesign to add a colorful patchwork square around its logo. 

While rebranding and redesigns may be the makings of a pretty quilt pattern, it does not project a pretty outlook for saving taxpayer dollars.

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