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A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

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Yesterday, President Trump announced the “Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups.”  The list is a who’s who of executives, economists, trade groups, scholars, and industry leaders and is another coronavirus taskforce that will provide advice to the president on how to restart our economy.

The White House announcement stated, “These bipartisan groups of American leaders will work together with the White House to chart the path forward toward a future of unparalleled American prosperity.  The health and wealth of America is the primary goal, and these groups will produce a more independent, self-sufficient, and resilient Nation.”

The groups are broken down into 17 categories that cover different sectors of the economy.  The groups are: Agriculture; Banking; Construction/Labor/Workforce; Defense; Energy; Financial Services; Food and Beverage; Healthcare; Hospitality; Manufacturing; Real Estate; Retail; Tech; Telecommunications; Transportation; Sports; and Thought Leaders.  The president is scheduled to talk with the groups today.

The president clearly understands it is important to look at all aspects of the economy to reopen America.  This new taskforce's members will be knowledgeable with each sector affected by the shutdown, the unique problems the businesses they represent are currently facing and will face when America reopens, and the best ways to open their businesses.  Let us hope the recommendations will involve as little government as possible and the proposals allow American ingenuity and entrepreneurship to rise to the top. 

With the formation of this new taskforce, it is clear the president is determined to get our economy open again as soon as possible and sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

The list on the new taskforce can be found here.


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