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House GOP Unveil Plan to Cut Spending, Tame Inflation, and Hold Washington Accountable

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The announcement of the Commitment to America provides taxpayers with the House Republican’s roadmap to rein in runaway inflation, cut wasteful spending, and make the government more accountable and transparent.

The September 23, 2022, unveiling of the plan by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was compared to the 1994 Contract with America that helped Republicans regain the majority.  National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said the plan is “crucial” to taking back control of the House and that it sets Republicans apart from the failed policies of the Democrats since they have been in charge of Congress.

The first priority of the Commitment to America in the one-page summary of the plan is to “curb wasteful government spending that is raising the price of groceries, gas, cars, and housing, and growing our national debt,” followed by “Increase take-home pay, create good-paying jobs, and bring stability to the economy through pro-growth tax and deregulatory policies.”  In his comments about the plan, Leader McCarthy said that they would repeal the 87,000 IRS agents that were provided in the Inflation Reduction Act “on the very first day.”

The Commitment to America would reinvigorate the economy and provide much-needed economic relief to Americans by bringing down decades-high inflation rates, lowering taxes, and cutting wasteful government spending.  During his introduction of the Commitment to America, Leader McCarthy stated, “I ask everybody across this country ‘could you afford to give up one month of your wages?’ The sad part is these Democratic policies have already taken one month of your wages so now the struggle that you have, is you’re living through 12 months with only 11 months’ pay now because inflation is so high.”

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste President Tom Schatz said the organization is “pleased to see provisions in the Commitment to America that prioritize eliminating wasteful spending, lowering taxes, and reducing regulations.  The plan will also improve healthcare by giving patients more control and promoting rather than stifling the innovation that is essential for the development of new treatments and cures.”

Congress has approved an excessive amount of spending over the past two years, from pandemic “relief” funds to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.  If even just a few provisions of the Commitment to America are enacted in the next Congress, Americans would get some relief from the fiscal insanity running rampant in Washington.

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