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Creativity in Fighting the Coronavirus Should Be Focus on World IP Day

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Each year on World Intellectual Property Day, the global community reflects on the innovations that bring about changes in how everyone lives, works and plays.  According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), this year’s celebration on April 26 is dedicated to “Innovate for a Green Future.” 

This theme was clearly developed before the coronavirus pandemic enveloped the world and seems out of touch with everything that has been occurring over the past several months.  Researchers and drug manufacturers are working hard to develop potential vaccines for the COVID-19 virus; technology companies have created the software to enable tens of millions of Americans to work remotely; automobile and other manufacturing companies are retooling to provide much needed medical equipment; and telecommunications companies continue to improve how the country is communicating.

The current crisis has opened the floodgate on the flow of creativity around the world, and that is what should be celebrated.  People are pulling out their dusty sewing machines to make masks for their families, friends and members of the communities; others are creating YouTube videos showing new innovations on how to make these reusable masks more comfortable for the wearer and creating pockets for N-95 filters.  Delivery applications have been developed to provide consumers the ability to have their groceries delivered so they do not have to enter a store and risk increasing the spread of the virus.  Video conferencing services have also seen a surge in use.  These innovations are the product of someone’s intellectual property and are being used to address this unprecedented crisis.

What should be celebrated on World IP Day and every day is the creative spirit, innovation, and ingenuity that abounds around the world to find solutions to every aspect of our lives, and for now particularly the solutions that will help the world win war on the coronavirus.

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