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Congress Should not Use Ukraine As an Excuse to Fund a Socialist Agenda

Congress should avoid using Ukraine or the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to pass a socialist agenda. 

Christina Herrin March 9, 2022
The WasteWatcher

Postal Reform Should Be Passed by the Senate

The Senate should vote to pass H.R. 3076 and send it to President Biden to be signed into law. 

Eric Maus March 7, 2022

Opinion: Georgia healthcare legislation would increase drug costs

Legislators in several states, including Georgia, are attempting to lower prescription drug prices by regulating PBMs.

Christina Herrin March 7, 2022
The WasteWatcher

Minnesota Should Avoid a High-Speed Rail Boondoggle

Minnesota's proposed Northern Lights Express is unsustainable and would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. 

Ryan Lanier March 4, 2022
The WasteWatcher

FCC Moves Forward on Pole Attachment Issues

The FCC will be considering a proposed rulemaking to clarify who should pay the cost of pole replacements at its March meeting.

Deborah Collier March 4, 2022
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Virginia Should Think Twice About Building a New Stadium for the Commanders

Virginia lawmakers should protect taxpayers and reject the use of their money to entice the Commanders to the Commonwealth.

Ryan Lanier March 4, 2022
The WasteWatcher

Florida Should Move Forward with Net Metering Reform

The Florida legislature should take steps to bring solar power into the open market as an equal participant.

Ryan Lanier March 1, 2022
The WasteWatcher

Florida Should not Adopt California-Style Regulations

The Florida legislature should reject HB 9 and prevent the state from becoming like California.

Thomas Schatz March 1, 2022
Press Release

CAGW Releases Issue Brief on Federalism and Federal Grants

This issue brief details how the federal grantmaking process has changed the balance of power between Washington and the states.

Alexandra Abrams February 28, 2022

Federalism and Federal Grants

Reforms to the federal grantmaking process to the states are necessary to reduce waste, abuse, and mismanagement.

CAGW Staff February 28, 2022
Press Release

Citizens Against Government Waste Names Washington Governor Jay Inslee February 2022 Porker of the Month

Washington Gov. Inslee is our February 2022 Porker of the Month for trying to allocate COVID relief funds for his own GND. 

Alexandra Abrams February 28, 2022
The WasteWatcher

Broadband Funding Should Be Tied to Accurate FCC Broadband Maps

Accurate broadband deployment maps are critical to ensuring taxpayer dollars are not wasted on duplication.

Deborah Collier February 24, 2022


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