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Press Release

Citizens Against Government Waste Releases Issue Brief on the Scandal of Taxpayer Funded Stadiums

This important report details how taxpayer funded stadiums have become a scourge on the nation.

Alexandra Abrams March 28, 2023
The WasteWatcher

New York Takes the Wrong Approach to Tobacco

New York's proposed tax and flavor ban would negatively impact tobacco harm reduction efforts and public health. 

Christina Smith March 28, 2023
The WasteWatcher

California High-Speed Rail Goes Way Off Track

California’s effort to construct a high-speed rail network was doomed from the start.

Ryan Lanier March 24, 2023
The WasteWatcher

The Biden Budget Poses an Existential Threat to the States

The President's proposed budget would distort the balance of power between the federal and state governments.

Ryan Lanier March 23, 2023
Press Release

Citizens Against Government Waste Names Senator Bernie Sanders March 2023 Porker of the Month

Sen. Sanders declared that “education from child care to graduate school is a human right. It should be free for all.”

Alexandra Abrams March 21, 2023

The president’s skinny budget is heavy with costs

President Biden has proposed more spending to expand the size and scope of the federal government.

Thomas Schatz March 16, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Biden Administration Rejects the F-35 Alternate Engine

The Pentagon was right to fund the JSF engine upgrade and stop the waste of billions of dollars to develop a second engine.

Sean Kennedy March 13, 2023
The WasteWatcher

The Cantwell-Grassley PBM Bill is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A Bill introduced in the Senate takes aim at PBMS and private sector healthcare.

Christina Smith March 7, 2023
The WasteWatcher

House Renews Consideration of Privacy Legislation

House subcommittee holds hearing to discuss what should be included in legislation to protect consumer data privacy.

Deborah Collier March 6, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Reynolds Offers Plan to Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency in Iowa Government

Gov. Reynolds' proposals aim to reduce inefficiency while reducing the regulatory burden on taxpayers.

Ryan Lanier March 1, 2023
The WasteWatcher

GAO Audit Finds Serious Issues in Financial Management

Major issues continue to plague the government's finances and demonstrates the need for oversight and accountability. 

Eric Maus February 28, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Las Vegas Should be Wary of a Deal for the Athletics

Las Vegas should resist any efforts by the Oakland Athletics to gain public funding for the construction of a new stadium.

Ryan Lanier February 24, 2023


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