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The Swine Line is the staff blog of Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) and the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW). For questions, contact

Delivering a Turnaround to the Postal Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is broken. It is fixable. As currently operated it attempts to survive in the unfriendly environment of 21st century communications with 18th century methods. It is time to make a change, a leap, and move to an innovative platform supported by current technology that will result not only in improved service levels but perpetual break-even operations without additional cost or taxpayer support.

Seven minutes!

According to an article in The Washington Times, that’s the amount of time the President gave Republican leaders in Congress this week to discuss the sequester.  Now they plan to meet again on Friday, March 1.  That also happens to be the day the sequester takes effect.  Wow!  How does the president find the time to engage in such a conversation?  One just has to look at his schedule for the week to see how

Congress Sets Its Eyes on IT Acquisition Reform

On February 27, 2013, the House Committee on Government Reform held its second hearing on information technology (IT) acquisition reform.  According to an article in Nextgov, legislation proposed by the Committee could be the largest overhaul of IT acquisition since 1996.

Prime Cuts 2013

On the eve of sequestration, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today released Prime Cuts 2013, our annual comprehensive list of spending cuts.  This publication is useful at any time; it is of particular importance when Congress and President Obama are facing multiple crucial budget decisions.

What If You Manufactured a Crisis, and No One Panicked?

On Friday, March 1st, 2013, the Second Mayan Apocalypse will occur – or so President Obama might have you believe.  That is the day when the budget sequestration – the failsafe mechanism of forcing cuts to federal outlays, cuts deemed to be so drastic in their consequences that certainly no one would allow them to actually occur, but agreed to nonetheless during the 2011 budget negotiations – will finally take effect.  To hear the president tell it, life as we know it will cease to exist.  Well, he doesn’t go quite that far, but he does draw a drastic picture.

The Madness of King Barack?

Washington Post Associate Editor and uber-journo Bob Woodward has been blurting out all kinds of cogent things lately, most of it is giving the White House fits. But he is saying what many people are thinking. To
wit: What the hell is the President doing?

(Woodward is as we speak being slowly turned over the left-wing, big government, spend-it-all editorial spit, roasted over hot coals for being that most heinous of creatures, in their view, the dreaded ³deficit hawk.²)

It’s Getting Scary Out There…

We just received a copy of Organizing for Action’s email to their supporters.

This group is the president’s restructured re-election operation, still carrying on his never-ending campaign.  Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s former Deputy Campaign Manager, warns the reader that there is a good chance you, yes YOU, will be “directly affected by the disastrous budget cuts scheduled to take place Friday.”

Last Night's Biggest Snub? Taxpayers

Last night, as you may have heard, America's film industry threw itself a massive party, and while some of the attendees looked to be in danger of starving, none of them looked especially poor.

National Debt Estimates Vary By Tens of Trillions

Trying to figure out the exact size of the national debt is a more complicated question than one may think.  Many different components make up the national debt, which can vary the estimate by tens of trillions of dollars.  A February 24, 2013 Washington Post editorial identifies five different estimates for the current national debt, which vary based on which debt liabilities are counted towards the amount of total debt.  These five estimat

Never Ending Problems for the F-35

For the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), trouble has again reared its ugly head.


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