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Earmark Moratorium Backlash

After years of feeding at the trough, it appears that some members of Congress are not adapting well to the newly imposed two-year earmark moratorium. Despite affirmation by congressional leaders that earmarks will not exist in the 112th Congress,...

March 30, 2011
The WasteWatcher

Future of Earmarks Remains Vague

Predicting the future of earmarks can be a bit like peering into a crystal ball.

February 27, 2011
The WasteWatcher

Planned Spending Cuts Do Not Include Defense

One of the top priorities of the Republican’s campaign to take back Congress in 2010 was to reduce the deficit by cutting spending. Republican leaders intended to return nondefense discretionary spending to 2008 levels by trimming $100 billion in...

January 26, 2011
The WasteWatcher

The Consumer Police and Sin Taxes

There have always been and will always be some people who believe they know what is best for everyone, so they try to force their will on the rest of society.  This attitude is very much at odds withthe philosophy that liberty should be maximized...

October 31, 2010
The WasteWatcher

Port Earmark Divides South Carolina Senators

Citing the need to modernize the Port of Charleston, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) submitted a $400,000 earmark to the Senate version of the fiscal year 2011 Energy and Water Appropriations Act to study the port’s potential deepening.  However, the...

September 30, 2010
The WasteWatcher

Billions Wasted in Iraq

When President Obama marked the end of combat operations in Iraq in a speech on August 31, 2010, he spoke at length on America’s lasting legacy in the country.  Unfortunately for taxpayers, part of that legacy includes billions in waste, dating back...

August 31, 2010
The WasteWatcher

Time to Revisit the Benefits of $1 Coins

On April 21, 2010, the U.S. Treasury released its new version of the $100 bill.  Featuring an updated portrait of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, the bill boasts advanced measures to obstruct counterfeiters.  However, while the federal government...

March 31, 2010
The WasteWatcher

To Infinite and Beyond!

In 2004, former President George W. Bush announced his “Vision for Space Exploration.” In it he called for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop new spaceflight vehicles as part of the Constellation Program that would...

February 28, 2010
The WasteWatcher

The Ongoing Tanker Saga

The long saga of the Air Force refueling tanker may be coming to an end soon; or maybe not.  The latest request for proposal is due to be released shortly, and hearings this week on Capitol Hill indicate the battle may not be over.

January 31, 2010
The WasteWatcher

The Many Perks of Congressional Employment

Supposedly in Denmark to attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit, multiple members of Congress have been criticized for treating the trip as a personal vacation.  The trip included seven Republicans and 15 Democrats, most notably House Speaker Nancy...

December 31, 2009
The WasteWatcher

National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Ostensibly in Scotland to partake in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, several members of Congress are coming under fire for using the trip as a personal vacation.  Led by Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.) the group, consisting of 12 representatives (eight...

November 30, 2009
The WasteWatcher

Medicare/Social Security Insolvency

While the Obama Administration ratchets up support for government-run healthcare, which would be a new entitlement program, the government trustees who monitor the nation’s two largest entitlement programs, Medicare and Social Security, have...

April 30, 2009


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