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Issue Briefs & Special Reports


The 340B Drug Pricing Program Needs a New Prescription


The F-35 Does Not Need an Alternate Engine

Tobacco Harm Reduction Products Should Be Promoted Not Prohibited

Fields of Failure: The Scandal of Taxpayer Funded Stadiums

Critical Waste Issues for the 118th Congress


The Future of American Aerospace

Federalism and Federal Grants

The Path to a National Privacy Framework

All About Earmarks: A Brief History

Curing What Ails the U.S. Healthcare System


Critical Waste Issues for the 117th Congress

The Folly of Government-Owned Networks

Government-Run Healthcare Will Harm Patients and Eliminate Consumer Choice

Pharmaceutical Price Controls are Bad Medicine

Tobacco Harm Reduction Products Should Be Widely Adopted


Reducing the Cost of Government Through Effective Management Reforms

Reducing Licensing Barriers Will Get Millions Back to Work


Critical Waste Issues for the 116th Congress

The Race to 5G: Protecting Taxpayers through Spectrum Auctions

The Taxpayer’s Perspective: An Analysis of the Administration’s Housing Finance Reform Proposal


Critical Waste Issues for the 115th Congress


Pharmaceutical Price Controls: A Prescription for Disaster


The Sun Should Set on Solar Socialism

All About Pork: The History, Abuse, and Future of Earmarks

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement and Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property: Making It Personal

Telecom Unplugged: Ushering in a New Digital Era


Federal Cloud Review

Reduce Taxpayer Liability for Contractor Post-Retirement Benefits

Public Servants or Privileged Class

Medium Extended Air Defense System

Reform Senate Office Allowance System

Government Mobile Apps Proliferate


Cloud Computing 201: Guidelines for Successful Cloud Investments

Cloud Computing 101: A Brief Introduction

Critical Waste Issues for the 112th Congress


NASA's Constellation Program: To Fly or Not to Fly 

Joint Strike Fighter Alternate Engine


Congressional Oversight Needs Improvement

Joint Strike Fighter Alternate Engine

Privacy Issue Brief


Regulating Green House Gases Under the Clean Air Act 

The California High Speed Rail Proposal: A Due Diligence Report 


Farm Subsidies: Myth and Reality 

All About Pork: The Abuse of Earmarks and the Needed Reforms 

Biogenerics: What They Are, Why They Are Important, and Their Economic Value to Taxpayers and Consumers 

Cyren Call: Don’t Be Fooled Again History of a Government Giveaway 

Making The Grade: CAGW's Report Card On Farm Bill "Reform" Proposals 

Property Rights in the 21st Century 

Reality Check: Federal Aviation Administration

Telecommunications: Pulling the Plug on Government Interference 


Wasted in the War on Drugs: Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Wasted Efforts 

Border Security: PASS Card Fails on Cost, Privacy 

WHO: Taxpayers Won’t Get Fooled Again An Exposé on the World Health Organization 


The Direct Loan Program Flunks Out 

Transportation (In)Equity Act: A Legacy for Losers (Taxpayers) 

Real ID: Big Brother Could Cost Big Money 

Up in Smoke: Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Wasted Efforts in the War on Drugs 


Price Controls on Drugs: Hazardous to Your Health