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The J. Peter Grace Legacy Society

Established in 1997 by the Grace family, the J. Peter Grace Legacy Society is a living memorial to the late Grace Commission chairman and Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) co-founder, J. Peter Grace -- and to his vision of a fiscally responsible government that is accountable to taxpayers.

With support from individuals and estates, the legacy society helps provide the financial underpinning for CAGW's ongoing role as the independent voice of the taxpayer. Members of the society have joined the Grace family in preserving Peter's legacy by working to ensure that the American taxpayer's interests win out over the special interests in Washington.

The society helps underwrite CAGW's activities aimed at safeguarding the American taxpayer's interests, such as:

      • investigating and exposing how government spends -- or misspends -- Americans' hard-earned tax dollars;
      • researching how to make government programs more cost-effective, efficient, and responsive to those served;
      • educating the public, the media, and elected representatives about which government programs provide the best, and worst, bang for the buck;
      • serving as a resource for decision-makers who are looking for specific recommendations on how to cut spending, improve management, and promote efficiency and accountability in government; and most importantly,
      • acting as a vocal spokesperson on behalf of the taxpayer in Washington.

The J. Peter Grace Legacy Society accepts gifts from individuals and estates in the form of charitable remainder trusts and other planned giving vehicles. By adding a charitable component to conventional tax and estate planning, members of the society secure their own and their children's financial futures, reduce their income and estate taxes, and ensure a legacy of fiscal accountability and stability for future generations of American taxpayers. CAGW advises anyone interested in joining the legacy society to consult a qualified estate attorney for guidance regarding his or her particular financial situation.

For more information about how to become a member of the J. Peter Grace Legacy Society, contact CAGW at

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