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George Mallory

Florida Developer Helped Build CAGW from the Foundation Up


When Nietzsche wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustr and described an Ubermensch, who is willing to risk all for the sake of humanity, he must have had someone like George L. Mallory in mind. Indeed, George has defended his country, served his community, and created thousands of jobs with his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Born in Anniston, Alabama in 1921, George learned early the meaning of self-sacrifice. As a Naval officer during World War II, he saw combat, helping destroy German submarines lurking in the Atlantic Ocean. Later, he helped conduct both long-range and short-range guided missile research. While stationed at White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico and later at the Naval Test Station in California, George participated in test-firing captured German V-I and V-II missiles to decipher their respective vulnerabilities. He retired from the Navy at the rank of lieutenant senior grade, the equivalent of an Army captain. He says his only regret is that back trouble forced him to pass up the opportunity to continue his military service during the Korean War.

In 1942, George received his bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Auburn University, and later he earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University of California at Berkley. George put his degrees to work while holding executive level positions at Martin Marietta in Denver, Colorado; Harris Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio; and finally Sperry Rand Corporation in Clearwater, Florida. He went on to form 12 corporations of his own, all related to construction, real estate and development.

When asked what makes him most proud, George exclaims without hesitation his beloved wife Peggy, four children, and five grandchildren. His oldest boy is a practicing physician, while his sole daughter is literally a “rocket scientist.” As an engineer for Honeywell, she is working to develop a global positioning system for outer space. His third son has followed his father into real estate as a condominium developer, and George’s fourth son found his calling in business systems engineering.

As a philanthropist, George supports a whole host of charities almost too numerous to list. He served on the board of directors of the Clearwater YMCA for 41 years and is proud of the YMCA’s charitable mission to provide service to all comers, regardless of their ability to pay. As honorary chairman of the YMCA Capital Campaign Committee, he provided financial support to extend service to youth in upper Pinellas County, earning him the Red Triangle, Silver Triangle, and Patron of Youth Awards. His generosity to the YMCA continues to help young people live life on the straight and narrow. Serving as a member of the advisory board of the Clearwater Salvation Army for 42 years, George chaired multiple capital campaigns. Without his leadership and support, the Clearwater Corps Community and Worship Center and the Mallory-Powell Social Services Campus may never have been built. A former president and two-term member of the board of directors of the Clearwater Rotary Club, George boasted a perfect attendance record for more than 41 years! He has also supported efforts to provide affordable health care to all Americans through his work in the Adler and Roebling Society of the Morton Plant Hospital Foundation.

A golfing enthusiast, George is a former president and director of Tampa Bay’s Belleair Country Club, which he proudly proclaims is among the best in the state.

Commenting on the public policy issues he considers most critical, George expresses concern that the next presidential administration may push to increase taxes on the “wealthy." He asks rhetorically: “Who provides the money that fuels industry and creates jobs? It’s the people who have saved money over and above their needs.” George contends that heavily taxing those with disposable income could slow economic growth. He also asserts, “We just need to get our spending under control, especially the elimination of pork-barrel spending which is costing us billions of dollars each year.”

When asked why he chose to be affiliated with CAGW, George speaks of his respect for Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), a member of CAGW’s Board of Governors. George notes that while CAGW’s waste-fighting work is far from done, the organization has helped achieve savings for taxpayers - $898 billion worth by CAGW’s estimate - that otherwise would not have been accomplished.

One who values humor in life, George gleefully recounts a confrontation with, of all people, the imposing Hulk Hogan, the former world heavyweight professional wrestling champion and one of George’s neighbors. George was serving as a member of the Code Enforcement Board, which oversees planning and development in Belleair, a small bedroom community of Clearwater, when the “Hulk” came before the board in response to a complaint over his pet rooster, Lilly, who was disturbing residents with his morning crowing. As it turns out, the Hulk owned 11 animals, more than twice the city limit of five. After a heated exchange between the wrestling champ and the former World War II Naval officer, the board imposed a fine for every day the Hulk was in violation of the limit. Ultimately, after the matter wound up in Circuit Court, the Hulk and the town of Belleair reached a compromise: He could keep Lilly, under the condition that he cull the rest of his flock down to five, and Lilly received a special permit to be identified as an actor, rather than an animal.

Having joined CAGW in 1990, when the organization’s membership was less than a third of what it is today, George has helped build CAGW from the foundation up, just like his condominium developments on Florida’s west coast. CAGW would not have achieved its national prominence in the debate over spending and taxes without the steadfast loyalty and support of George and the many other President’s Club members who are working with us to keep America on sound financial footing.


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