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Claudette Carole Cliché

Charter Member Claudette Carol Cliché Says CAGW "Has the Metal"


CAGW Charter Member Claudette Carole Cliché laments the state of our nation, so much so that she composed a parody of America, the patriotic song written by Samuel Francis Smith, which served as the United States’ de facto national anthem until 1931. In her parody, which includes the words, “My country’s tears, I cried for thee, sweet land of liberty that used to be …,” she captures the frustrations of many Americans from coast to coast.

A baby boomer, Claudette was born in Maine in 1947, right after World War II. With an avid interest in politics and national affairs, she says she used to skip high school classes to watch the party conventions, and she recalls watching them in grade school as well.

Claudette recalls her father Romeo telling her, “It’s not America love it or leave it; it’s America, love it enough to fight for the freedoms we’re losing every day.” Claudette says, “Dad loved America so much, it would hurt him to see what has happened to our great, great nation.” In saying this, she references what she views as a centralization of power in the executive branch, which she fears could ultimately put America on a path toward dictatorship.

Married with two adult children, Claudette had a successful career in banking in MBNA’s credit card division in Belfast, Maine. When Bank of America bought out MBNA in 2006, she took early retirement. Today, Claudette serves as a full-time caregiver to both her wheelchair-bound, 95-year-old mother and her husband, a Vietnam veteran who was wounded in action and received the Purple Heart, and ultimately developed cancer as a result of exposure to the chemical defoliant Agent Orange. Claudette also calls herself an “animal lover” who enjoys rescuing abandoned cats.

As a child of immigrants who arrived legally from Canada and became citizens, Claudette feels strongly about illegal immigration. She objects to illegal immigrants’ receiving government subsidies at taxpaying Americans’ expense, and she is adamant in opposing any amnesty. Also among her list of concerns is the necessity of eliminating the state-based education initiative, Common Core, which she believes “rewrites history and is nothing more than indoctrination.”

In addition to supporting CAGW, Claudette includes Judicial Watch, The Heritage Foundation, and Hillsdale College on her short list of charities. She eschews political contributions, saying “most politicians … seem more interested in power and pension, than in serving ‘We the People’.”

When asked what drew her to CAGW, she says it was CAGW’s “Campaign to Slash U.S. Funding of the United Nations” and that she has been proud to participate in that ongoing petition drive. In her view, “Instead of spending money on the UN, we should take care of our military and all of our veterans.”

Claudette says that she hopes to partner with CAGW into the future because “CAGW has the metal to help right the course and put America’s train back on the tracks.”

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