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SCOTUS Delivers a Blow to the Regulatory State

Chevron deference is overturned by the Supreme Court in its ruling in favor of Loper Bright Enterprises.

Deborah Collier June 28, 2024
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CAGW Submits Comments for Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee Open Session

Efforts to reduce burn tobacco product use include less harmful alternatives to cigarettes. 

Eric Maus June 17, 2024
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Colorado Stymies Consumers’ Access to Credit

New lending law will limit financial services Coloradans may purchase from out of state.

Alec Mena May 22, 2024
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Congress Needs to Stop the FCC From Taking Over the Internet

Congress, not the FCC, should decide how the internet should be regulated.

Deborah Collier May 22, 2024
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FDA Has Once Again Delayed Its Menthol Ban

A federal flavor ban is clearly unpopular and would create black markets.

Eric Maus May 8, 2024
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Southern States Advance Harmful Tobacco Legislation

Pre-market application requirements for THR products injure public health and finances.

Alec Mena May 2, 2024
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CAGW Submits Ex Parte Presentation for April 10 meeting with Commissioner Gomez


Eric Maus May 1, 2024
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FTC Votes to Unilaterally Ban Non-Compete Agreements

The FTC is once again overreaching its legal authority by voting to ban non-compete agreements. 

Eric Maus May 1, 2024
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Ban on Bulk Billing Is Bad for Consumers

The FCC Chair is considering a ban on bulk billing for broadband in another effort to fix what is not broken.

Deborah Collier April 30, 2024
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CAGW Reviews 50 States' BEAD Proposals

Most states propose to regulate broadband rates, discriminate against non-fiber technologies, and preference government networks.

Alec Mena April 24, 2024
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President Biden Unveils Another Wasteful and Unfair Plan to Forgive Student Loan Debt

President Biden is yet again flouting the Supreme Court and forging ahead with forgiving more student loan debt.

Eric Maus April 22, 2024
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ACP Funding Expiration Will Affect States’ Broadband Rate Regulation

Ending ACP will complicate and delay state efforts to expand affordable internet access.

Alec Mena April 5, 2024