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Firing Bad Federal Government Workers Should Not be Difficult

The Hill: One of the consistent drivers of the ongoing lack of faith in government is the bureaucracy in Washington and the workers who never seem to leave.

Thomas Schatz February 26, 2019

As We Head into Super Bowl LIII, DOJ Fumbles on Online Gambling Ban

Fox Business: The DOJ should realize it fumbled this regulatory decision and immediately reverse course before Super Bowl kickoff this Sunday.

Thomas Schatz February 1, 2019

How to Prevent Local Governments from Abusing Cable Franchise Fees

Morning Consult: In order to keep consumers’ cable bills lower, local officials should be prevented from charging exorbitant, unwarranted, and unnecessary fees.

Deborah Collier January 30, 2019

The Shutdown Calls For Serious Reforms To The Budgeting Process

Daily Caller: Lawmakers need to get the nation’s fiscal house in order.

Thomas Schatz January 25, 2019

The Pentagon Failed an Audit it Never Expected, or Tried, to Pass

Washington Examiner: The DoD remains the sole federal agency that has not undergone a clean audit.

Sean Kennedy December 19, 2018

The Trump Economy Is Facing Democratic Headwinds

Daily Caller: The newly Democrat-controlled House of Representative will try to undo this era of American success.

Thomas Schatz December 13, 2018

Obama-Era Car Regulation Is Holding Up The Future of Communications

Daily Caller: The NHTSA issued regulations mandating the installation of a nearly 20-year-old technology in all new vehicles.

Deborah Collier December 6, 2018

Trump Energy Bailout is Coal in Taxpayers’ Stockings

Fox Business: President Trump’s plan to bail out failing coal and nuclear power plants recently took a major step forward and could cost taxpayers billions.

Thomas Schatz December 5, 2018

Hit the Brakes on High Speed Rail in Texas

TribTalk: Costs and completion dates for high-speed rail projects tend to increase dramatically and ridership projections fall short.

Thomas Schatz November 27, 2018

Hollow Promises On Feds’ Drug Discount Program

Daily Caller: Hospitals have been using the 340B program to enhance their own bottom line.

Elizabeth Wright November 8, 2018

The Blueprint for Fiscal Responsibility

Townhall: Prime Cuts 2018 is a comprehensive account of options the federal government possesses to cut government waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.

Thomas Schatz September 26, 2018

New Trade Agreement Includes Strong Intellectual Property Protections

Morning Consult: The new agreement includes protection of intellectual property rights and trade secrets, and a new digital trade chapter.

Deborah Collier September 18, 2018