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J. Peter Grace Legacy Society

A Message from Terry Grace Sears 
Chair, J. Peter Grace Legacy Society


“Work like tireless bloodhounds to root out government inefficiency and waste of tax dollars.” – President Ronald Reagan

With this mandate from President Reagan in 1982, my late father, J. Peter Grace, led the Grace Commission on its two-year mission to “root out” government waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement.  Fundamentally, President Reagan and my father understood that a profligate, unrestrained government was incompatible with individual liberty and prosperity, and they set out to rein in the federal leviathan.

When my father co-founded Citizens Against Government Waste in 1984, he envisioned the organization as the heir to the Grace Commission, carrying the torch for powerful ideas like fiscal responsibility and government accountability.

As a CAGW board member and chair of the J. Peter Grace Legacy Society, I invite you to join a very special group of individuals committed to ensuring that CAGW’s mission extends far into the future.  By making a commitment through your will or estate plans, you can be a member of the J. Peter Grace Legacy Society and join other patriotic Americans who have pledged more than $9 million to the future of CAGW.

For the success and endurance of our great nation, we must continue President Reagan’s mandate and hold true to the principles my father set forth when establishing CAGW:  Cut government spending and improve federal financial management to create a smaller, more efficient and transparent government that is accountable to its citizens.


Terry Grace Sears
Chair, J. Peter Grace Legacy Society