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Action Center

TELL WASHINGTON: Cut Government Waste!

After decades of wasteful and reckless spending, America’s national debt stands at $27 TRILLION. Tell Washington to cut wasteful spending and use CAGW's recommendations!

Cody Leach October 15, 2020
Action Center

TELL WASHINGTON: Reject Pelosi and Schumer's Demands!

Tell your elected officials in the White House and Congress to reject Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's expensive and outrageous demands.

CAGW Staff August 5, 2020
Action Center

TELL CONGRESS: Protect Taxpayers During Coronavirus!

Tell your Representative and Senators to protect the interests of taxpayers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter Klensch April 29, 2020
Action Center

TELL THE SENATE: No Perks for Past Presidents!

The House has passed legislation to scale back the taxpayer-funded benefits former Presidents enjoy, but the Senate has yet to act.

Allen Johnson October 24, 2019
Action Center

TELL CONGRESS: No Student Loan Bailout!

Democrats in Congress are proposing a bailout of all outstanding student loan debt that could cost taxpayers as much as $1.5 trillion.

Allen Johnson August 12, 2019
Action Center

TELL THE SENATE: No Medicare for All!

Bernie Sanders' $32 trillion Medicare for All plan is a radical, big-government takeover of America's healthcare system.

Allen Johnson May 6, 2019
Action Center


The Green New Deal would cost taxpayers as much as $93 trillion over ten years and hand over more power to the federal government.

Allen Johnson March 13, 2019
Action Center

TELL CONGRESS: Fight Medicare Fraud!

Bowing to special interest pressure, Congress has suspended almost all audits that could save taxpayers billions. Tell your U.S. Senators and Representative today to reinstate the RAC audit program!

Elizabeth Wright August 21, 2015

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