Mary J. Grace

Mary J. Grace is the daughter of Citizens Against Government Waste co-founder J. Peter Grace (1914-1995) and follows her brother Patrick Grace onto CAGW’s Board of Directors, to help preserve a living connection to her father’s legacy.  In 1982, Peter Grace was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to chair the President’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, which became known as the Grace Commission.  The commission worked for two years, at no cost to taxpayers, to identify waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in the federal budget.  In 1984, Mr. Grace co-founded CAGW along with legendary newspaper columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Jack Anderson (1922-2005). 

Mary Grace is a New York-based design professional who has worked on a number of residential and commercial projects, from modern city lofts and pre-war city apartments to the complete gut renovation of an historic 1882 Queen Anne Victorian country house, as well as renovations and additions in Maine, New York, and New Jersey. 

She has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Parson’s The New School of Design, and an M.A. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture. 

Mary spent five years as a project director and the director of special events for AmeriCares, an international medical relief organization.  Other charitable work includes fundraising and special event planning for Ireland’s Children and the Belfast, Ireland-based Flax Trust America.  Mary also helps oversee projects for the Grace Family Foundations, whose members identify and allocate foundation funding for various non profit charities.

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