Jeffrey A. Altman

Jeff Altman is a partner with Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP. As a lawyer, Mr. Altman has broad experience in the world of nonprofit organizations, including public policy organizations, foundations, professional societies, trade associations, and political organizations. His primary areas of skill include governance, tax, ethics/lobbying/campaign finance compliance, insurance/risk management, executive employment contracts, non-dues revenue and affinity programs. In addition to providing business and legal counsel based on his extensive knowledge of the best practices, he serves as director and officer to a number of nonprofit organizations. Mr. Altman has been associated and actively involved with CAGW since its founding in 1984 and has served as a Director since 1995.

Mr. Altman has a B.A. from Yale College and a J.D. from Tulane University School of Law.

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CAGW Names Sen. Al Franken March 2017 Porker of the Month

Sen. Franken is CAGW's March Porker of the Month for his absurd defense of the bureaucratic takeover of the internet.