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Allen Johnson

Allen Benjamin Johnson, III is the Director of Government Affairs for Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters nationally, as well as its lobbying affiliate, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW).

Mr. Johnson supports the President and the Vice President of Policy and Communications at CAGW by leading the organization’s Government Affairs office. Mr. Johnson directs CAGW’s relationships within the Congress, regulatory agencies, and liaisons with other stakeholder groups in order to educate policymakers about wasteful spending and duplicative programs in the government.

Mr. Johnson also directs CCAGW’s lobbying and grassroots activities to advocate for the elimination of waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the government. Each year, Mr. Johnson coordinates CCAGW’s tabulation of its Congressional Ratings, evaluating how each member of the Congress measures up on key tax and spending votes. Mr. Johnson also monitors legislative and regulatory activities, and he assists in the establishment of CCAGW’s policies regarding laws, regulations, and standards. In this capacity, Mr. Johnson represents the taxpayer’s interests within the halls of government.

Prior to coming to CAGW, Mr. Johnson spent just under eight years working for Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. of Tennessee where he served as the senior legislative aide and policy adviser. There, Mr. Johnson staffed the Congressman on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, including the Subcommittees on National Security, Intergovernmental Affairs, and Transportation and Public Assets. Mr. Johnson worked to advance the Committee’s investigative mission to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the federal government and all of its agencies. Mr. Johnson’s efforts likewise supported the Committee’s aim in developing solutions that increase transparency and culpability throughout the government. Mr. Johnson’s work with the Committee made him experienced on issues regarding federal regulation and the regulatory process, emerging technologies, national security and foreign operations, transportation and infrastructure, the federal workforce, and governmental reorganizations.

Additionally, Mr. Johnson managed a portfolio of policy issues for Rep. Duncan separate from his Committee work which included the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Intelligence, Telecommunications, Trade, Agriculture, Taxes, and Foreign Affairs. In this role, Mr. Johnson frequently led engagement with stakeholders in the government, with foreign governments, NGOs, nonprofits, and the private sector. He was responsible for writing speeches, articles for publication, and briefing materials for floor proceedings. Moreover, Mr. Johnson drafted and staffed numerous bills for Rep. Duncan including competition, security, internet, and agriculture legislation.

Mr. Johnson received two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Tennessee in 2005 (one in English and one in Religious Studies). He later earned a Master's Degree in Religious Studies in 2008 from the University of Tennessee where his emphasis of study was on conflict and violence in the Middle East. Mr. Johnson wrote his Master’s Thesis on suicide bombers in Iraq, and he approached the subject by analyzing data he gathered from failed suicide bombing attempts which he used to construct a framework to better understand the underlying motivations and techniques used by the terrorists. Mr. Johnson’s work was interdisciplinary and operated in the nexus where the social, political, economic, military, and religious intersected. He found this education to be invaluable for preparing him to work on national security issues in the Congress. While at UT, Mr. Johnson also had a distinct fondness for anthropology of religion, Esoteric Buddhism, and new religious movements.

In his spare time, Mr. Johnson loves books, symbology, moral philosophy, outsider and modern art, transgressive folklore, new media, home design, and traveling to foreign countries to sample the local culture.

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