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New GAO Report Warns of Worsening Federal Debt

Failing to act could raise inflation and erode US reputation abroad.

Alec Mena February 26, 2024
The WasteWatcher

CBO Projects Financially Devastating Levels of Deficits and Debt

The CBO report shows that the U.S. is in dire fiscal straits due to years of spendthrift behavior by lawmakers.

Eric Maus February 20, 2024

Citizens Against Government Waste Names Rep. James Clyburn February 2024 Porker of the Month

Rep. Clyburn says that fixing climate change depends on forgiving student loan debt. 

Alexandra Abrams February 20, 2024
The WasteWatcher

House Passes Bill to Extend Parts of TCJA

The Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act is a commonsense and bipartisan bill that extends key tax provisions.

Eric Maus February 16, 2024
The WasteWatcher

Federal Agencies Need to Improve IT Modernization Efforts

Federal agencies are still struggling with software asset management and cloud adoption, potentially wasting taxpayer dollars.

Deborah Collier February 12, 2024
The WasteWatcher

A Monumental Giveaway

Virginia and D.C. compete to waste the most money on a taxpayer-subsidized arena. 

Alec Mena February 6, 2024

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