Taxpayer Watchdog Rips Arrogance of Automakers, Union

CAGW Opposes Taxpayer-Funded Bailout

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November 19, 2008 Contact: Leslie K. Paige 202-467-5334


The 111th Congress: House of Card Check

Ironically, as Congress debates a bailout for the auto industry partly as a result of its massive, union-stimulated legacy costs, there are widespread expectations that Congress and the Obama administration will quickly try to push though the so-called “card check” legislation after the inaugural parties wind down.

The "Not-So-Big Three" Beg for a Bailout

The so-called “Big Three” domestic automakers, General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford have kicked into overdrive to lobby Congress to salvage what is left of their business operations using taxpayer funds.  General Motors, which has entered negative cash-flow territory, is widely predicted to go belly-up unless it receives massive infusions of money.  Analysts predict that GM’s demise would drag the other two down as well.  After two days of contentious hearings on Capital Hill on November 18 and 19, auto executives departed without a deal and, at least for now, Congress has slammed the brakes on a straight bailout.  Instead, lawmakers have tasked automakers with furnishing a detailed plan for long-term industry “viability and sustainability” before any legislative action is taken. 

Taxpayer Watchdog Reacts To Mainframe Nightmare

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October 29, 2008 Contact: Leslie K. Paige 202-467-5334


Taxpayer Watchdog Calls for Spending Cuts as Deficit Soars

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October 15, 2008 Contact: Leslie K. Paige 202-467-5334


   Following reports that the federal budget deficit reached a record $455 billion in fiscal year 2008, Citizens Against Government Waste called for immediate cuts in wasteful spending.

European Resource Bank Update

Since 2004, Citizens Against Government Waste has been attending the European Resource Bank (ERB) Meeting.  This year’s annual meeting of free-market think tanks was held in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, hosted by the New Economic School in the Republic of Georgia.  Even though the ERB was originally planned to be held in Georgia because of the free-market reforms pushed by the country’s prime minister and president, Mikheil Saakashvili, events preceding the meeting (the Russian invasion) gave it even more urgency.


In April 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Massachusetts v. EPA.  The lawsuit’s intent was to force the EPA to regulate CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) as pollutants because of their supposed contribution to global warming.  The basis of the suit was EPA’s contention in 2003 that it lacked the authority under the Clean Air Act (CAA) to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2).

CAGW: Federal Government Closer to Regulating Internet

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July 29, 2008 Leslie K. Paige 202-467-5334


Cost of Government Day, 2008: ‘Taxpayers Released from State Servitude’

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July 16, 2008 Alexa Moutevelis 202-467-5318


Pork Alert: Commerce/Justice/Science

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July 8, 2008

Contacts:         Leslie K. Paige (202) 467-5334
Alexa Moutevelis (202) 467-5318



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