CCAGW To Rep. Thomas Petri: Vote No on Waxman-Markey

For Immediate Release:
June 26, 2009

Contacts: Leslie K. Paige 202-467-5334


CCAGW To Rep. Vern Ehlers: Vote No on Waxman-Markey

For Immediate Release:
June 26, 2009

Contacts: Leslie K. Paige 202.467.5334


Obama Administration Proposal Would Cost U.S. Jobs

The Obama administration keeps coming forward with proposals that would undermine the economic recovery even as it claims to be trying to save it.  At least $1 trillion has been spent to supposedly “stimulate” the economy and the budget deficit is at a record level.  Yet, the economic gurus within the executive branch have floated another proposal that is both incongruous and counterproductive.

Public vs. Private: May the Best Contractor Win

The government should not compete with its citizens; it should rely on the private sector for commercially-available goods and services.  This is a common-sense idea: allow individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurial companies to contract with the government, instead of creating duplicative and expensive government-run agencies and programs.

Stimulus Turns Federal Funding Spigot Into a Raging Firehose

With our nation’s faltering economy, businesses, communities, and families are undoubtedly suffering.  However, they will not receive relief in the near future from the Democrat’s new federal fiscal stimulus proposal.  According to a stimulus spending outlay chart released by Appropriations Committee Republicans, only seven percent of the funding will be spent this fiscal year and 18 percent of the total funding will remain unspent until fiscal year 2014 or later.

A Word of Caution for President Obama

President Obama and Congress are in the process of putting together a “stimulus” package in order to spur the economy and create or save 3 million jobs.  The House of Representative’s proposal contained $275 billion in tax cuts and $526 billion in “carefully targeted priority investments” for a total cost of $820 billion.  It would be better to call it a de-stimulus package because each of the 3 to 4 million jobs that the President and his allies claim to be saving and creating will cost taxpayers about $275,000.

CAGW Releases December WasteWatcher

For Immediate Release  
December 18, 2008 Contact:       Leslie K. Paige 202-467-5334



For Immediate Release

December 10, 2008

Contact: Leslie K. Paige  202.467.5334



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CAGW Names Rep. Mike Rogers November 2018 Porker of the Month

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