No Sweeter Time for Sugar Reform

Among the bevy of wasteful, misguided, market-distorting policies that comprise U.S. agricultural policy, perhaps none is more convoluted or a product of cronyism than the commodity support program for sugar.

2013 Farm Bill Update - Time to Plant Better Policies

During the 112th Congress, progress was made by both the House and Senate to enact a new Farm Bill.  As the House and Senate Agriculture Committees prepare to mark up draft Farm Bills in mid-May, they should examine the progress, as well as the missteps, that were made during the last Congress.  Lipstick won’t change the Farm Bill from being a piggy piece of legislation.

Sugar! Oh, Help Me, Help Me!

Sugar, Sugar” was the Number One single of 1969.

Big Sugar's Sweet Deal Gets More Costly

For many years, Big Sugar has claimed that the government's sugar program operates at no cost to taxpayers.


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CAGW Names New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio September 2018 Porker of the Month

Mayor de Blasio is CAGW's Porker of the Month for signing a bill into law that would halt the ride-sharing revolution in New York City.