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June 10, 1998

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Secretary Glickman Urged to Use Similar Wisdom

in Future Decisions

(Washington, D.C.) - - The following is the statement of Thomas A. Schatz, President of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW), in response to Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman’s decision, announced today, against arbitrarily raising the minimum milk price:

            “On behalf of the 600,000 members of CCAGW, I applaud Secretary Glickman’s decision against arbitrarily raising the minimum price of milk.  We are pleased that our efforts to help the Secretary see the light on this issue have paid off.  In February, we presented testimony in opposition to a proposal to raise the Basic Formula Price (BFP) of milk before a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) hearing.

            “CCAGW testified that raising the BFP would have been in direct contradiction to claims that USDA’s milk market order reform process is moving the dairy industry to greater market orientation, and we are glad Secretary Glickman agrees.

            “While this is a good first step for Secretary Glickman, he can demonstrate his -true commitment to reforming the convoluted milk-pricing system by taking two additional steps: announce his opposition to any further extension or expansion of the milk-pricing cartel schemes, the interstate dairy compacts; and, announce real reform of the milk market order system by moving to eliminate the BFP and get the federal government out of the business of determining the price of milk based upon either where it is produced or how it is consumed.

            “We encourage the Secretary to in the future make decisions on dairy compacts, milk marketing orders, and other laws and regulations affecting the dairy industry, in the best interests of taxpayers and consumers.”

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