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Since 1984, Citizens Against Government Waste has been the resource that policy makers, media, and the taxpaying public rely on for the bottom line behind today's headlines. Waste News is the first stop for reporters covering government spending. Members of the Media visit our media inquiry page to sign up for email updates or to set up interviews with CAGW policy experts.

Porker of the Month will introduce you to some of government's worst pork-barrel offenders.

Press Releases are CAGW's primary tool for reaching the news media. Releases cover every type of government waste issue.

Commentary is a collection of opinion pieces CAGW has published in periodicals around the country.

WasteWatcher is CAGW's monthly news dispatch to some 2,000 media outlets and subscribing CAGW members. WasteWatcher's stories capture headlines by transforming the dry matter of federal financial management into side-splitting -- albeit infuriating -- tales of government ineptitude.

Government Waste Watch is the quarterly newspaper of Citizens Against Government Waste and the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.


Media Quotes

"CAGW takes after liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. The group is an equal opportunity nag." 
-Syndicated Columnist Pete Pichaske

"[CAGW is] a nonpartisan, citizen-supported effort to keep not just the recommendations, but the government-waste fighting spirit of the Grace Commission alive. And it serves that capacity today."
The Colorado Springs Gazette, July 29, 2004  

"[CAGW] blasts Republicans and Democrats alike..."
Stephen Winn, Kansas City Star, April 22, 2000

"[CAGW] is a watchdog group that keeps track of which politicians squander the most federal money on 'pork' - those expenditures that are added after the normal budget process to help a particular group instead of the nation as a whole."
John Stossel, 20/20

"Congress' pork barrel patrol."
-Associated Press, March 11, 1998


The Issues section separates all CAGW material - including news - by topic.

Notable Quotables is a collection of the best to the worst things said about CAGW from a variety of key players both inside and outside the beltway.

Media Inquiries gives reporters information on scheduling interviews with CAGW policy experts.

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