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Decorate your Christmas Tree this Year with 'Free' Gifts from Democrats

Washington Examiner: Each year, as families decorate their Christmas trees, they bring down their favorite ornaments from the attic and look for new curios to add to their collections.

Thomas Schatz January 22, 2020

USPS's Non-Stop Bleeding Could Impact Your Holiday Deliveries

Fox Business: The USPS’s financial downward spiral is accelerating, as busy holiday delivery season kicks off.

Leslie Paige November 25, 2019

Don’t Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank —Defund it

Washington Examiner: As federal spending and budget deficits continue to grow, ending cronyism and corporate welfare is more crucial than ever.

Thomas Schatz November 14, 2019

Continuity of Medical Care for Veterans Jeopardized by VA

Military Times: The VHA has both a massive backlog of medical records and insufficient resources to ensure the accuracy of the medical records.

Deborah Collier November 14, 2019

Congress Abdicates its Most Basic Responsibility

Washington Examiner: The frequent use of continuing resolutions is remarkably poor governance. They neutralize the government’s significant buying power.

Sean Kennedy October 29, 2019

Congress Must Restore Program to Stop Government Waste in Medicare

Washington Examiner: Members of Congress are standing passively by while providers pocket tens of billions in improper overpayments.

Leslie Paige October 10, 2019

Here Are A Few Ways Trump And Congress Could Stop Increasing The National Debt

Daily Caller: Without taking steps to reduce spending, deficits will reach an average of $1.2 trillion between FY 2020 and 2029.

Thomas Schatz October 10, 2019

Mid-band Spectrum Holds Promise for 5G, but Will There be Enough?

Federal Times: The widespread use of 5G wireless will dramatically change mobile communications across the nation.

Deborah Collier September 25, 2019

The Six Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

Morning Consult: The election of any of these six senators would have a devastating and lasting impact on the United States.

Thomas Schatz August 28, 2019

The Federal Budget Helps China and Hurts US Taxpayers

Washington Examiner: The bipartisan budget deal approved by Congress before the August recess will result in trillion-dollar deficits.

Thomas Schatz August 14, 2019

My Turn: R.I. Taxpayers Lose Big on IGT Deal

Providence Journal: The secret, no-bid gaming contract agreed to by Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo is offensive to taxpayers.

Thomas Schatz July 30, 2019

Blame ‘Free’ Tuition Programs For Rising College Costs

Daily Caller: “Free” college tuition and the cancellation of all outstanding student loan deb is a costly $2.2 trillion idea.

Thomas Schatz July 30, 2019


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