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Earmarks cost taxpayers $22.7 billion this fiscal year

The most costly, corrupt, and inequitable practice in the history of Congress has once again been exposed in the Congressional Pig Book. 

Thomas Schatz June 12, 2024

Price Controls Kill More Than Innovation

Sanders’ pharmaceutical price controls will not only reduce future drug development but also cripple the generics industry.

Christina Smith April 17, 2024

Virginia Fights for Affordable, Accessible Broadband

Virginia’s firm stand on BEAD funding serves as a beacon for the states.

Deborah Collier April 11, 2024

A ‘D’ for the USPS Delivering for America plan

The USPS delivers at least one thing consistently. It has lost money in every quarter since 2007.

Thomas Schatz March 31, 2024

Don’t penalize taxpayers to entice sports teams

Public stadium financing unjustly picks winners and losers in the marketplace.

Alec Mena February 23, 2024

Congressional inaction raises costs and damages national defense

Congress should pass the FY 2024 appropriations bills as soon as possible and complete the FY 2025 process on time.

Sean Kennedy February 20, 2024

A government takeover of the internet would be disastrous

At the top of the list of Biden’s bad policies is the FCC’s proposed reimposition of net neutrality rules.

Deborah Collier January 16, 2024

The F-35 alternate engine should be buried forever

Funding an unnecessary second engine would contribute to the high costs and delays that have become the hallmark of the JSF program.

Sean Kennedy November 13, 2023

Give veterans a more efficient, modern healthcare system

Caring for the nation’s veterans should include providing them with the best possible benefits, especially medical care and treatment, during and after their service to the country. 

Deborah Collier November 10, 2023

The Exploited 340B Program Is the Real Horror This Halloween

There is no need to seek out ghosts, goblins, and ghouls for a fright this Halloween. Just look at the devilish 340B drug discount program.

Christina Smith October 30, 2023

The frightening tale of Bidenomics

Halloween stories of horror are usually tale tales, but the impact of inflation and high interest rates is unfortunately quite real. 

Deborah Collier October 26, 2023

Republican balanced budget resolution would get us out of the spending hole

Today, taxpayers owe a national debt of more than $33 trillion.

Alec Mena October 15, 2023