J. Peter Grace Legacy Society

A Tribute to Our Members


The J. Peter Grace Legacy Society recognizes 48 individuals and couples who have included CAGW in their estate plans.  These gifts equip CAGW to continue our mission over the long term, ensuring that our children and grandchildren benefit from a financially secure and prosperous America.  CAGW would like to thank these Legacy Society members for their generous support.

Mrs. Margaret F. Grace – Founding Donor
Charles H. Barnett John & Jewel Nolen
William H. Bell Algine N. Ogburn
Cyrus Bernstein Dawn H. Potter
Vern T. Bickel, Jr. Robert M. Ramp
James A. Black, Jr. Lloyd M. Ranger
Virgil G. Bogdan Samuel & Florence Scarlett
Wendell & Margaret Brown Vera Schierenberg
Clascola Trust Schwager Family Trust
Chester J. Derek Harriet Seymour
Yvonne R. Dolan Marjorie K. Shevlin
Lucille Dawson Eisenhower Simpson Living Trust
Marian P. Gallin Vincent J. Stanley
John B. Giddens, Jr. L. Blanche Stewart
Bruce M. Harwood Neil F. Sullivan
Rosemary C. Heininger Drury L. Sylvester
Arthur W. Hoege France Lorraine Torgerson
 Carle Alexandria Carlisle Johnson  TSO Irrevocable Trust
John P. Kavooras James F. Twohy, Jr.
Raymond C. Koorenny Josephine Wade
Ann Krebes Gertrude F. Waggoner
Alice W. Lorillard Jean S. White
Fred Meyer Arnold H. Winter
Francis P. Murphy Richard Zeller
Hildegarde Myers Thomas J. Zuber