Directors and Staff


J. Peter Grace

Jack Anderson


Board of Directors

Steven Hofman, Chairman
Policy and Communications Consultant

Jeffrey P. Altman
Partner, Whiteford Taylor & Preston, L.L.P.

Michael Franc
D.C. Director, Hoover Institution

Mary J. Grace
Principal, Mary J. Grace Architectural and Interior Design

Robert C. Heckman
Principal, Capital City Partners

Thomas A. Schatz
President, Citizens Against Government Waste



Thomas A. Schatz

Leslie K. Paige
Vice President, Policy & Communications

Ariane E. Sweeney
Vice President, Membership & Development

Robert J. Tedeschi
Treasurer & CFO

William M. Christian
Director of Government Affairs

Rachel Cole
Policy and Government Affairs Associate

Deborah Collier
Director of Technology and Telecommunications Policy

William H. Flores Jr.
Director of Digital Operations

Curtis Kalin
Director of Media Relations

Sean Kennedy
Director of Research

Andrew Nehring
State Policy and Government Affairs Manager

Martin Rundle
Director of Development

Ally Schatz
Social Media Manager

Paul Sullivan
Membership Services Manager

Elizabeth L. Wright
Director of Health and Science Policy

Mekdes Yifru

Ernestine Hill
Office Administrator


Employment Opportunities

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CAGW Names VA Secretary Robert McDonald November Porker of the Month

VA Secretary Robert McDonald is CAGW's November Porker of the Month for giving bonuses to senior executives who were involved in the continuing hospital wait-times scandal.